After many requests I have broght back some of the "retired" CDs and will add a few more soon. I also have my Faerie Things 2 CD offered for free digital download. The images are about 10 years old and much smaller than the ones I offer now but perhaps some can find some use for them.


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PSP Tube CD's

***NEW*** Little Dolls 8 PSP Tubes ***NEW***

***NEW*** PSP Tubes Faeries 15 ***NEW***

April 28, 2013 ***NEW*** PSP Tubes SteamPunk 2***NEW***

IMPORTANT - You MAY NOT take my linkware sets and SELL them as auction templates on ebay! Anything YOU CREATE with either the free images or CD/membership images is fine but my completed linkware sets are not to be SOLD - they are copyright to me.

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