April 19, 2010

Due to an increasing number of emails asking the same questions, I decided to have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. I don't mind answering emails but I thought I might save somebody some time if I provide the answer here.

Are the tubes on the CDs different from the membership area?

Yes and no. There are currently about 3000 to 4000 tubes in the membership area depending on my rotations. The more popular tubes are rotated on about a 3-4 month basis (at least) such as Poser women, animae, faeries. Other tubes are rotated less often such as miscellaneous. Each CD (38 so far in addition to the Little Dolls and Faerie CDs) contains 400 to 1000 images (the older volumes containing more as the images are smaller), so there are obviously more on the CDs. Also... the animae and faerie CDs are such a specific interest there are not as many in the membership area because if you don't like animae..you wouldn't want 1000 or so tubes in the membership area..same deal with the faerie CDs. The CDs offer more of each particular subject. The CDs may contain some mild artistic content which may not be suitable for young people. New images are added about 3 to 4 days..averaging at the very least 50 new images per week...often more. If you like the free images you will love being a member!

I paid for my membership and didn't receive the passwords

Ok....could be a number of reasons...

Check your junk mail folder.

Check to see that the address on your Pay Pal account is valid. This happens all the time...the address is no longer valid and it comes back to me and I have no way of contacting the person. This is especially pleasant when the person contacts me after several days full of piss and attitude when it was their fault.

Make sure you have no blocks on your email...AOL users are notorious for this one.

Make sure your mailbox can receive mail and is not full (over quota). I get that one often.

I do sleep.. I am not on here 24/7. I also make dinner, eat and I have a family as well.

Normally, unless I am asleep, passwords are issued within a few hours of my receiving the Pay Pal notice. Passwords are sent to the address on the Pay Pal account unless otherwise notified.

If you wish to write me at outlawbydesign@aol.com to inquire...that is fine....but remember we are all human...so no attitude please.

Can I use the images on Cafe Press items, Zazzle, Crafts U Print?


Can I recolor, resize, etc.?

YES... You can re-color, re-size, re-anything and manipulate the images to your heart's content.

Can I purchase memberships for others as gifts?

Yes....just email me here (outlawbydesign@aol.com) at the time or shortly before the purchase. I would need the name and email address of the recipient of the membership so I can send them their passwords.

Can I combine images and offer them for download as tubes?

No...that is just two of my images occupying the same space...that still violates my terms of use.

Can I use the images for tutorials. ?

Yes and no...you are free to use any image from the free site http://www.freepsptubes.com for tutorials and it is ok to offer the image for download with the tutorial providing I am given credit and a linkback. Membership images (as I offer them) are not to be offered for download for ANY reason.

Do I do commission or custom work?:

No.. I simply don't have the time.

Can I make siggies and share them?

Yes...you can share or sell anything you create with the images...including websets, sigs, candy wrappers, stationary, logos, business cards, invitations, announcements, scrapbooking (in a merged or locked format such as "quick pages", but not to be offered as stand alone objects), bookmarks, bookcovers, note cards, e-cards, etc. There is no need to credit me or linkback for use of the images...you need never mention my name...the only exception being a tutorial where you are offering the image (from the free site only as mentioned above) from your site.

I haven't been able to access the site due to illness, not being home, computer broke, hard drive failed, abducted by aliens, etc.....can I get an extension?

Sorry. No. The memberships are sold by blocks of time, 6 months or a year (sometimes longer with the CD deals)....you wouldn't go away for a month and expect the cable company to give you a refund because you weren't home watching TV right? I have to make and follow guidelines in order to be fair to everyone, including myself.

It is ultimately your responsibility to make a backup copy of any images you downloaded not mine to replace them. I will not re-issue passwords or give an extension of time. I cannot do for one and not do for all.

Can you make a figure to look like my daughter, husband, wife....?

No... I am not that talented and I don't do custom work.

Can I use the images for ScrapBook Kits?

Regarding using general images for scrapbook kits. You MAY use the images I offer in scrapbook kits (excluding those I offer in the scrapbook/scrapkit section). You can use up to 8 images in a kit as elements for commercial use and up to 3 images in kits for share or free. This is to avoid the mass redistribution by loading up a bunch of images in a kit with a paper or two and offering it for download for free. You may not bundle them up as clipart and sell them for designer resources. As always, you can use the images to create quick pages, papers, frames, tags, templates, candy wrappers or signatures without restriction.

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