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PSP Tubes Membership

Terms of Use

These terms of use apply only to the "tubes" websets are separate from these terms.

No restrictions other than redistribution of the image in its present state. Meaning.. you may create anything you wish for personal or commercial projects but don't sell or distribute the raw tubes in and of themselves. Under no circumstances may any image or component thereof be resold as part of any clip art or stock art collection...You MAY NOT redistribute these images as brushes, .psd files, tubes or clipart. ( AND... sharing them through "tube groups" isn't fair to the members or myself). If it is found that they are being shared (and people do tell) the membership will be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

Still unsure? More detailed explanation here:

Expanded information

No linkback is required but always appreciated if you choose to do so.

Please don't give out the password to anyone... only fair. This website is now my only source of income. If you share the password it is comparable to my helping myself to part of your paycheck.

These are ROYALTY FREE images, you may use them in any COMMERCIAL or NON-COMMERCIAL project, however I retain the original copyright to prevent distribution of the images as they are offered.The final 2D images (the images I offer) are made with Poser software and are mine to do with as I please commercially. The original Poser files which I have purchased are never shared.If you feel there is a problem contact me and we can go from there. I have no desire to unlawfully sell anything or infringe on anyone's copyrighted works.

These graphics can be used for making: stickers, notecards, address labels, cafe express items, websites, invitations, stationary, incredimail, candy wrappers, scrapbooking, paper crafts, decoupage, greeting cards, ebay auction templates, business cards, sig tags, just to name a few. This is one of the most beautiful PSP tube collections on the net and hands down the best bargain.

There are currently about 2000+ images in the membership section. Images are rotated depending on popularity.

*** PSP Tube Membership Frequently Asked Questions ***

PSP Tube CDs


This site, Outlaw by Design, Another Outlaw Design and Outlaw Graphics belong to me and I am not affiliated with any other websites.

How to Join

WinZip is required to unzip the image files.

You can pay through Pay Pal with the buttons below (pre-filled out for membership). Upon receipt of PayPal notice I will then issue you the name and password most likely in less than 12 hours which will be vaild through September 30, 2020 due to the site closing. These are quality, original decent sized tubes that I use to make many of my own sets. You can sell any creation you make with the tubes, and NO linkback is required, but not the tubes themselves in their present state as mentioned above (i.e. burning a CD and reselling them as tubes). Honestly one of the finest tube collections on the net. I have many returning customers and no complaints thus far. Memberships are NOT automatically renewed. You must renew each time yours expires.

Please Note: The web site will be closing September 30, 2020.

September 1 through September 30, 2020


***NOTE: If you order a membership using free email address servers such as hotmail or yahoo - if you haven't heard from me in several hours - send me a real email address, MOST TIMES I can't email to hotmail addresses so you will not receive your passwords unless you provide me with an alternative address - these will never be shared. It would also be smart to check that you do not have a block on your email (especially a problem with AOL addresses).

If you wish to join but don't prefer to send money over the internet. You can pay by check or money order. I will email you with the password upon receipt. if you prefer to:

Anne Rochford
1525 September Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603


If you are interested in purchasing a PSP Tube CD or combination CD/membership

Currently 2000++ tubes

Any Questions? Feel free to contact me:

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