If you have lost your username and password please contact me and please let me know what email address (the one on your Pay Pal account) you joined with if you are writing from another.. saves time. Thanks, Kel

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July 1, 2020...I have deleted all the passwords expiring on June 30, 2020. You may wish to check your records and see if your membership is still valid. Due to people changing their email addresses often it is too time consuming for me to send out notices because about 75% of them come back undeliverable. If you have since rejoined or have had time added to your current membership and can't get in...let me know...my new filing system isn't infallible. I will look into ASAP.

For those of you wishing to change your passwords...please email me with the address you used on your Pay Pal account so I can locate your paperwork...ALSO.....I am having trouble with emails bouncing back...please make sure you are writing from a valid email address and no blocks are on.


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