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This set comes with the standard buttons: Index, back, home, next, email and site map as well as headers with caucasian and african american witches.


1) NO ALTERATIONS are to made to this set other than adding text. You can email me for the exact color code, font style and size, etc. You don't need to use every piece in each set, but please don't mix and match with other sets.

2) These are linkware graphics. That means in return for me allowing you to use these graphics on your web site for free, you supply to me a link back on each page you use my graphics. The included logo (or a text link is fine) must be placed on the same page of the graphics and linked back to:


3) LINKWARE sets may NOT be used on a site with any commercial activities. If you are making money from your website that is considered commercial. THESE SETS MAY NOT BE RESOLD AS AUCTION TEMPLATES ON EBAY. If you wish to use the set for a commercial site you will need to purchase the set at which time it will be removed and no longer offered for download. There are exclusive purchaseware sets available on my site as well if you are looking for a unique set for personal or commercial use.

4) No redistribution of these graphics in any form - you may not put the set up on your site and offer to others as your own.

5) DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THESE GRAPHICS. Download the graphics to your hard drive and upload them to your own server. Linking directly to these images is bandwidth stealing and is not only wrong, it is illegal. Never link directly to a graphic.

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Alternate header:

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This set is available as linkware but can be purchased for $34.00 and would be removed from inventory. The blank button is available only through purchase of the set. There is also a matching bottom graphic in an African American witch and caucasian as well. The font is English Vivace 111.

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Main Index

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