April 6, 2010

Due to an increasing number of emails asking the same questions, I decided to have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. I don't mind answering emails but I thought I might save somebody some time if I provide the answer here.

Why are you so adamant about altering your graphics web sets?:

Ok.. I am trying very hard to make it with this graphic design site and I am pleased with the results so far. When I create something and offer it as linkware it is a representation of my work... good or bad.. it is my work. Now when you alter it, it no longer represents my work. When people view your site and see my credit at the bottom they make a judgement. Now.. when people manipulate, wash colors, invert colors, mirror, among the many other distortions I have seen.. then kindly slap my name at the bottom it misrepresents my work. Again, good or bad, it is an indication that I created what they are viewing.

I spend countless hours making these graphics often surviving the week on 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night to make a go of this.. then people wonder why I get upset when they have destroyed what I spent so much time creating. If you are unhappy with the present state of the graphics there are plenty of sites on the web and you might be better off looking elsewhere. You can switch (included) tiles, border colors, text colors and set it up any way your heart desires. Putting text on the graphics is fine as well. I am not unreasonable.. it is your site you want it personal but the actual graphics are not to be altered from the state in which you found them.

This is part of the reason I started the PSP tube membership section. 1). I get many emails asking me where I found a certain image when I created it myself. 2). If I offer many of the pieces I use people can create their own graphics and hopefully stop destroying mine.. this is not to imply many people do that... always the bad apples surface. I must honestly say I enjoy about 98% of the contact this site has brought me with other people, customers or not.

Where do you get your tubes?:

The majority of my flower tubes come from Judy of Pixels by Judy. She offers commercial use graphics in a membership site for a small fee. I am now offering a graphic PSP tube membership as well as CDs which can be used for commercial projects.

Pixels by Judy

Outlaw by Design PSP Membership Information

Outlaw by Design CD Purchase

How do I purchase a set?

If you go to Pay Pal you can pay for the set there (pre-filled buttons are at the bottom of the sets) and they will send me the invoice of what was ordered. Or.. you can email me first and then I will remove it upon receipt. Most fall between $35 and $60. You don't need to know what buttons you need at the time of sale, many don't know until they begin to use the set... I can make them whenever you are ready.. either way you can email me if you want. You can also send check or money order. If you are interested in this option, email me and I will put the set on hold and send you my address. If you purchase a set you are NOT required to linkback to my site. I include a graphic because some wish to link back. If you have a commercial site you must purchase a set...linkware sets may not be used in any commercial manner.

Where did you get this or that...how did you do this or that?

Ok...there is no way to answer that without sounding like a bitch....but, given the amount of competition popping up daily, I most likely won't tell where or how I got or did anything...that sounds terrible I know, but that is the way it has to be. I have to have some secrets to stay ahead of the others.

What do I use to build a webpage?:

CoffeCup HTML Editor. Love the program. Although I hand coded for a very long time I am just now beginning to allow the program to help me. It is amazing and I wonder why I held out so long. I have a remote server set up through CoffeeCup to my website and do all the maintenance on the site in my computer and then send the information. I am not sure if this is common practice or how others do it but it works for me.

Do I do commision work?:

At this time No.. I simply don't have the time.

Can your PSP Tubes be used in ScrapBooking Kits?

You MAY use the images I offer in scrapbook kits (excluding the ones in my ScrapBook section as I would be breaking terms of use if they were used for other kits). You can use up to 8 images in a kit as elements for commercial use and up to 3 images in kits for share or free. This is to avoid the mass redistribution by loading up a bunch of images in a kit with a paper or two and offering it for download for free. You may not bundle them up as clipart and sell them for designer resources. As always, you can use the images to create quick pages, papers, frames, tags, templates, candy wrappers or signatures without restriction.

Can I use the graphics to make things to sell?

YES. YES. YES. You may sell anything you create with the images. I own the copyright to the images but am allowing you to use them royalty-free which means basically that you can create anything but not redistribute the image in its currrent state (as you found it), in a manner such as I do. If you decorate the image to use as a sig tag you may redistribute it to your heart's content. You MAY use the graphics to make web sets for personal projects and/or for profit. The PSP Tubes may be used for: graphics for commercial projects, paper crafts, hobbies, scrap booking, candy wrappers, stickers, notecards, address labels, cafe express items, greeting cards, decoupage, websites, invitations, stationary, incredimail, auction templates, business cards, scrap kits, zazzle, blog designs, blogs.


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