April 6, 2010

Since I still have people write to me unsure of the terms I thought I would try to go into it in more detail. Some don't fully understand and I admit I can be confusing at best, some are just double checking...I do it myself.

First off, I realize how hard it is to find images that you can actually work with....most come with a full page of DO NOTs attached to them. This is the reason I have very little restrictions with the pay tubes as well as the free ones... I was there once myself as well. I would look for images...do not resize, do no re-color, do not do this and that...in the end...why the hell do I want it? So......with my images you CAN recolor, resize, flip, mirror, chop off their heads and put on doll bodies....chop off their bodies and put with doll heads, and manipulate in any manner you choose. You do not need to put my copyright on it....you do not need to linkback or credit me in anyway. If you choose to do so, that is fine, but certainly not a requirement.

You can use the graphics to make sig tags for yourself or others. You can use them for web pages, journals, stationary, candy wrappers, cafe express items, you name it. When I state that they are not to be redistributed in their "present state", it is not such an issue of alteration, rather redistributing them as a "tube". Under no circumstances may any image or component thereof be resold as part of any clip art or stock art collection. If you put an image.... all alone, unaltered on a cafe express mug, it is no longer in its present state....can't be extracted. If you take a woman's face and slap her on a background for a webpage header, same deal - the image is no longer in its present state and cannot be distributed as a "tube". Anything you create with the images is yours to do as you please and if you wish to sell or distribute that in a group, that is fine.

You can send the images in emails as long as it is not mass mailing like the dreaded "tube groups". When images go through the groups...they spread like wildfire. It causes trouble for me one way or another in the end. Somebody sees it and thinks it is stolen from a Renderosity Gallery or promo image, doesn't bother to find out the truth and then I find myself the topic of a forum somewhere and some of the entries have been quite damaging. I don't deserve this as I have done nothing wrong. Somebody decides along the way to claim it and accuses me of stealing it. Nothing pisses me off more than finding out my stuff is going through the groups. I have written to individuals to ask them to stop.... I realize they might have gotten it from somewhere else and have no idea where it came from...while that doesn't make it right, it doesn't exactly paint them as a thief. When I do this I also write the manager/owner of the group. That is where the fun begins. To date, exactly two managers/owners have been nice to me regarding the issue.

So, in a nutshell, if you are copying the images to compile a CD to sell or simply burning my CDs and reselling them...that is a copyright violation and punishable by law and I will pursue it. If you are offering the "tubes" for download from your site, that is a copyright violation as well as it is against my terms. This does not apply to the individuals I have given permission to use for tutorials and I have given permission for the image to be downloaded from their site. If you are distributing the "tubes" in a tube group that is a copyright violation unless you are distributing something you have created with the images i.e. sig tags or stationary, etc.

***Change in TOU*** regarding using general images for scrapbook kits. You MAY use the images I offer in scrapbook kits You can use up to 8 images in a kit as elements for commercial use and up to 3 images in kits for share or free. This is to avoid the mass redistribution by loading up a bunch of images in a kit with a paper or two and offering it for download for free. You may not bundle them up as clipart and sell them for designer resources. As always, you can use the images to create quick pages, papers, frames, tags, templates, candy wrappers or signatures without restriction.

For the record: My given name is Anne Rochford. I have gone by Kel for so long online it is habit. This graphics business started so slowly that I never thought to use my "real" name. So..there is only one of me. If I start going by Anne now I feel it will be even more confusing than it can be at times.