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Pixels by Judy

*Stunning unique tubes

Judy has the most wonderful tubes. Not only are they flawless but she has a lot of unusual tubes I have never seen before. If you visit one tube site, make it this one, her tubes are definately five star and she has quite a varied selection as well. She also has lovely background sets to offer. A very pretty place to visit. A very talented lady.

Judy you are absolutely one of the sweetest peeps on the web. You always know what to say and make me laugh all the time. It is almost as though you are inside my head which is some scary thought.... I cherish your friendship and I so appreciate you, all your hard work, encouragement, and all you have done for me.


Paper Craft and Card Crafting - Download crafts that you print

Site Pro News An Excellent Newsletter for Webmasters

Internet Tips and Secrets

These are among my favorite sites for one reason or another and thought I would list them as well.

Shari's Designs - Gorgeous! - Highly Recommended

Art's Realm - Nice! Many Wildlife and Masculine Sets

The Paper Owl - Digital Scraps and Printables

Winie Creations - Lovely WebSets

Veterinary Technician Programs

Tube Subscription Sites

Pixels by Judy

Tubes by Heart

Butterfly Web Graphics

Old Hippie Art (Also has gorgeous websets)

Poser related websites

Poser Art by Ardiva





Faerie Wylde is a magical place run by a group of very talented people or should I say faeries?

Bravenet Web Services


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